Lessons Learned from 4 Documentaries regarding Health, Animals, and the Environment

Food Matters (www.foodmatters.tv)

  1. Eat more raw food.  Cook less.  You lose so many nutrients when you cook food.  The documentary states we need to eat raw food for more than 50% of our diet.  Get a juicer and drink vegetable juices to get more nutrients.
  2. Eat superfoods such as kale, goji berries, spirulina, and cacao beans.
  3. It is so important to get all of our vitamins and minerals, and if we can’t get them from our diet, natural food-based vitamin supplements are safe and good.
  4. Detox.  Drink herbal teas that help with digestion, drink lots of water, and get colonics and enemas.

The overall message: You are the best person to take care of your own body.  Eat mostly raw, organic, plant-based foods to live a long, healthy life.

Crazy Sexy Cancer (www.crazysexycancer.com)

  1. Eat mostly raw and organic.  Eat salads and veggie sandwiches and drink green juices and smoothies.
  2. Detox.  Exercise (e.g., jump on a trampoline, walk, or do yoga for low-impact activities), sweat (e.g., in a sauna or outside in the sunshine), do body brushing (i.e., get a body brush and brush your body before getting in the shower – it releases toxins through your skin)
  3. To see Kris Carr’s Health manifesto go here: CrazySexyLife Manifesto

Green Juice Recipe: cucumber, kale, celery, romaine, broccoli stems, sprouts ( you can also use lemon, apple, or carrots to make it sweeter, or change it up with some parsley, dandelion greens, or ginger)

Green Smoothie Recipe: spinach, avocado, cucumber, sprouts, coconut water, 3-5 ice cubes, stevia, and cinnamon

Flow (www.flowthefilm.com)

“The United Nations estimates that it would require an additional $30 billion a year to provide safe, clean drinking water to the entire planet…last year alone we spent 3 times that amount on bottled water.”

  1. Don’t drink bottled water.  Bottled water is no better or cleaner than tap water.  And these companies are taking water from our fresh waterways (including 2 cities in Michigan – their waterways are becoming nonexistent)!
  2. Invest in a shower filter to ensure the water you are cleaning your body with – the water that is entering your body through your skin – is clean, safe water.
  3. Look into rain water collection/harvesting.
  4. Give to Charity: Water, a non-profit charity helping bring clean drinking water to developing nations.
  5. Keep up on Article 31 which states we all should have the right to free, clean, safe water.

The End of the Line (www.endoftheline.com)

Due to the amount of overfishing for food, we are rapidly changing ecosystems.  There are more jellyfish now than ever before, and water quality and stability in the oceans are declining.  What can we do about these issues?

  1. Ask before you buy – only eat sustainable seafood (or no seafood at all)
  2. Tell politicians: “Respect the science, cut the fishing fleet.”
  3. Join the campaign for marine protected areas and responsible fishing.

Have you seen any great documentaries lately?  Tell me about them in the comments below!


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