I am Grateful for the Positive People in my Life

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I was inspired by my cousin, Emily, to write this post.  In the month of November, Emily wrote a facebook post each day about a woman in her life who has inspired her, listing the amazing qualities of the people she’s lucky to have in her life.  What a great idea!  Reading her posts really moved me.  So, I would like to start off by saying I am grateful to have a positive, inspiring person like Emily in my life.  Thanks Emily!

I am grateful for my Mom.  She is an independent, strong, smart, confident woman.  She cares so much about helping others, volunteers her time and money, is open-minded, and always seems to be in a great mood.  It is a compliment when others say that I remind them of my mother.

I am grateful for my Dad.  He is calm, kind-hearted, loyal, and successful.  Along with my mom, he raised my brothers and me to be good people.  I have some of the best talks with my parents.  My dad makes everyone around him feel welcome and comfortable, and he brings the games and the fun!  My dad is an amazing father and husband to my mother, and I was lucky to have such a great example of what to look for in a husband.

I am grateful for my older brother, Mick.  He is an outgoing, friendly, funny jokester who is always making me laugh.  He is always willing to drop whatever he’s doing to help me out.  He gives great advice and seems to know the answer to every question I ever have.  He is usually the first person I call when I have a question or am seeking advice.

I am grateful for my younger brother, Scott.  He is fun, hilarious, and always knows how to make me feel better.  If I’m having a rough day, talking to Mick or Scott always helps to turn around my mood.  Scott and I have always gotten along great, and every time we get together, we still have a great time.  Both of my brothers are such hard-workers, and I admire this about them so much.

Not only am I lucky enough to have such an amazing God-given family, but I have been extra lucky to have an amazing husband and in-laws.

I am grateful for my amazing husband, Kenny.  There are so many things I could say about Kenny, but in the hopes of not sounding too corny, I will just say a few sentences.  He is my rock.  He is calm, kind, smart, funny, sweet, and thoughtful.  He is a great listener, supportive of anything and everything I want to do, and is perfect for me. 🙂

I am grateful for my puppy, Roe.  She makes me happy on a daily basis.  Everything she does makes me laugh.  She loves us so much, and it is so fun to come home to her happy face and wagging tail.  She loves everyone she meets, and I think I could learn a lot from her!

I am grateful for my mother-in-law, Linda, and father-in-law, Bus.  Linda is the ultimate caregiver and the best cook!  She is kind-hearted, warm, and friendly.  She is an amazing mother, still doing anything she can to help her grown kids.  I love visiting because the whole time I’m there, I know I will be completely taken care of.  Bus is a hard-worker and a deep thinker.  He is interested in health, like me, and has suggested some great books to me.

I am grateful for my older brother’s wife, Jess.  She is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met.  She’s creative, so smart about things I know nothing about, and always supportive of my thoughts and ideas.  She is a hard-worker and has always been very fit, and motivates me to stay fit as well.

I am grateful for my younger brother’s wife, Tasha.  She is laid-back, fun, and open-minded.  She also is so thoughtful, sending me recipe ideas and other things she thinks I may like.  Both Jess and Tasha are caring, loving mothers, and I hope to be the same someday.

I am grateful for my husband’s brother, Brian, and wife, Julie.  Brian is also a deep-thinker and enjoys many of the same inspiring quotes as I do.  He wrote us one of the nicest notes after he stayed with us in North Carolina.  Julie always appears happy, upbeat, and energetic.  She makes you feel comfortable when you are around her.

I am grateful for my husband’s sister, Jen, and husband, Rich.  I love Jen’s laugh.  Whenever she laughs, no matter if something is funny to me or not, it makes me laugh.  I get to enjoy those great belly laughs when I’m around Jen.  She is also a great mother, and like her mother, an amazing caregiver.  Rich is my favorite person to play flip-cup with!  He is kind and works hard for his family and his city.

I am grateful for my husband’s sister, Sarah, and husband, Steve.  Sarah is so similar to me.  We share similar interests and goals in life, and it has been amazing to have her in my life.  She helps to inspire me when I’ve lost motivation.  Steve reminds me of my husband in a lot of ways.  He is calm, kind, and supportive of Sarah.  I admire that he seems content all the time and knows his main interests and makes them a big part of his life.

I am grateful for my nieces and nephews: Tahnee, Gage, Elijah, Michiah, Tyce, Noah, Larkin, Kadin, Robert, and baby Ethan.  They make me smile and remind me that life doesn’t have to be so serious.  They are so funny and make me laugh so hard each time I am with them.

I am grateful for my extended family members: grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I have been lucky to have some great relationships with so many family members.  They have helped me in times of need and supported me throughout my life.  I loved visiting my grandparents when I was a child.  Many of my cousins have also been my friends.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Falahee, Grandma and Grandpa Potter, Aunt Karen and Uncle Craig, Aunt Pat, Uncle Ken, Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Bill, Aunt Becky and Uncle Bob, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Tim, Matt, Ryan, Jenn, Nick, Justin, Mandy, Sarah, Joe, Annie, Michael, Katie Beth, Bobby, Katie, Missy, Emily, Zack, Jordan, and Morgan.

Last but certainly not least, I am grateful for my friends.  In fear of leaving someone out, I won’t make a list, but I am so lucky to have met you all, and hope to continue our friendships for years to come.  My friends have touched a special place in my heart.  Some of my favorite times and happiest memories have been with them.  I’ll never forget the bonding and fun times at 2927 West Michigan, Applebee’s, Chicago, road trips, and so many other memories.

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Who are you grateful for in your life?  How have they contributed to your growth and happiness?


9 thoughts on “I am Grateful for the Positive People in my Life

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  2. Thanks, Jamie, for your kind words. Sure hope each person referenced gets to read your thought-filled message. Dad and I are appreciative of your efforts on your blog to try to spread valuable information and insight. Love you!

  3. Jamie,

    This was a very nice and thoughtful post.

    The comments made all feel appreciated.

    Thanx for spreading good news.


  4. Jamie,
    I always enjoy your posts and look forward to what will be next. This one was especially nice it made my day. You are a very loving and caring person.
    Love, Uncle Tim

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