Healthy Changes I’ve Made that Healed my Body from the Inside Out


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In my pursuit of vibrant health, I have made a LOT of positive changes.  I started keeping track of my unhealthy symptoms; That is, my body’s warning signals that I need to make some changes.  At one point I remember thinking, “I’m 26 years old; I should not already be feeling like my body is breaking down!”

Below is a list of symptoms that I used to have but don’t anymore since I have changed to healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits:

  1. Numbness, tingling in arms/legs
  2. Sinus headaches (How I cured my chronic allergies, sinus headaches, and sinus infections)
  3. Allergies – post-nasal drip, stuffy nose
  4. Stomach bloating
  5. Constant stomachaches
  6. (Pardon my frankness) Excessive gas
  7. Occasional constipation
  8. Fatigue, sluggishness
  9. Hoarse voice
  10. Muscle/joint stiffness
  11. White spots on fingernails
  12. Hair loss/brittle hair
  13. Loss of curls in hair
  14. Slight acne
  15. Uncomfortable ovulation
  16. Uncomfortable 1st day of period
  17. Nasal itching
  18. Ringing in ears
  19. Ear aches
  20. Bladder infections
  21. Cold sensitivity
  22. Irritable when hungry
  23. Heartburn, reflux (How I cured myself of acid reflux naturally)
  24. Foggy head
  25. IBS
  26. Itchy skin at times
  27. Bruising easily

As you can see, I surely wasn’t at my best a few years ago!  I am changing for the better every month.  Below are symptoms I still have which I’m hoping will also go away as I continue making healthier and healthier changes.  I’ve realized that they are almost all related to the skin; I guess my skin is the last to detox!

  1. Dandruff
  2. White bacteria on tongue
  3. Hormonal brown spots on face and body
  4. Blackheads on nose
  5. Under-eye bags

Below is a list of health changes I am successfully implementing that have gotten me to where I am today.  When looking at this all at once, it may seem daunting; however, the changes I have made have been small changes monthly that have now grown into a long list of healthy lifestyle habits.  The changes that have made the biggest differences for me were: changing my diet to a healthy plant-based diet with lots of alkaline foods/juices/smoothies and minimal acidic foods and gluten, taking supplements, exercising, and de-stressing (15 tips on how to de-stress).  

Here is the full list of the changes I have made over the last few years:

  • Eat mostly organic
  • Figure out food allergies (dairy, shrimp, eggs, sunflower seeds)
  • Drink at least one juice or smoothie per day
  • Eat more veggies
  • Eat/drink minimal yeast
  • Increase good fats: avocado, coconut, nuts
  • Eat healthy proteins: beans, seeds, lentils
  • Eat mainly alkaline food (Must-read for health: alkaline/acidic food lists)
  • Drink tea daily
  • No sugar: Use natural sweeteners only: mainly stevia and eat low glycemic fruit (The down-low on sugar)
  • Drink lots of water daily
  • Minimal to no microwave use
  • Oil pulling
  • Take supplements/vitamins daily (multivitamin, D, B12, flaxseed oil, probiotics)
  • Surround myself with happy, healthy, positive people (Surrounding yourself with the right people)
  • Live simply (Simplifying your life to make room for happiness and success)
  • Declutter
  • Get enough sleep
  • Swap massages with Kenny
  • Get enough relax time
  • Laugh a lot, watch comedies, comedians
  • Don’t gossip or talk mean about others
  • Visit family and friends often
  • Have a sense of purpose
  • Drive less
  • Live and work close enough to home that we can walk most everywhere we want to go
  • Eat minimal processed food
  • No coffee
  • No pop
  • Minimal alcohol
  • Minimal to no gluten
  • Get fresh air/sunlight daily – go for a daily walk (10 diet and lifestyle changes that could cure cancer)
  • Minimal TV time
  • Take naps when needed
  • No meat
  • Minimal fish
  • No dairy
  • No eggs
  • Exercise 3-5x/week (20 benefits of exercising)
  • Eat some healthy, gluten-free whole grains (e.g., buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, teff)
  • Buy mainly unpackaged whole foods (e.g., beans, nuts, seeds, grains from bulk bins)
  • Go to bed early (9-10pm)
  • Get indoor plants
  • Dry brushing
  • Grow an organic garden
  • Use mostly homemade products, condiments, and food
  • Soak, dry, and freeze nuts before eating them
  • Eat more fermented foods: kimchee, make own pickles, sauerkraut
  • Drink a green juice or smoothie daily
  • Drive slower
  • Quit eating all forms of sugar other than fruit, stevia, and occasionally honey

Below is a list of goals I would like to be implementing in my life but haven’t yet:

  • Decrease computer time
  • Cook with gas or wood rather than electricity
  • Don’t eat 3 hours before sleeping
  • Meditate/visualize daily
  • Eat seasonally/shop at the local Farmer’s Market weekly
  • Eat 60/40 Raw/Cooked food
  • Wake up early (6am) everyday
  • Be present
  • Maintain good posture
  • Be grateful
  • Pay off debt completely (Our debt-free journey)
  • Volunteer
  • Listen better to others
  • Increase spirituality
  • Think only positive thoughts about self and others
  • Eat less
  • Chew more
  • Fast/Detox for 2-3 days each season
  • Eat more sea vegetables (6 types of superfoods and their amazing benefits)

If I make these changes and continue with the changes I’ve already made, do you think I’ll be able to heal myself of my final symptoms?  Do you have any other healthy recommendations for me?  How are the healthy changes in your life changing the way you feel?


19 thoughts on “Healthy Changes I’ve Made that Healed my Body from the Inside Out

  1. Jamie,
    I appreciate your honesty and candidness about your journey! It’s inspiring to see all the changes you have made and that you have done these things over time.
    We are eating minimal processed foods, avoiding processed sugars, no pop or coffee, MANY more veggies and fruits, more “superfoods,” smoothies and/or juice 1-2x daily, minimal animal products, more water, excercising 5x/week. Our family has been healthier during this cold and flu season, I have more energy and don’t crave processed sweets anymore. I actually “crave” or feel like I need veggie juice for a boost. Our kids ask for fruit for desert and are learning about keeping their bodies healthy.
    I love following your blog (and other health related blogs) for continued inspiration, ideas and motivation.
    Thanks, Jamie!

  2. Hi Jamie!   We started today!    Well, I should say we actually started Ash Wednesday to eat organic everything – pretty much.  But today I went out and purchased an Omega 8600 Juicer to make juice drinks like Dr Lorraine Day recommends in her dvd “You Can’t Improve On God”, (which we also purchased off Amazon).   Then off to Whole Foods and bought all kinds of leafy green vegetables, (including parsley, kale, collards, and other greens I actually had never heard of until watching all these ‘nutritional help’ sites).  Came home, juiced enough to fill two nice size glasses and Bill Potter about gagged!!    I told him not to lose hope that I will get better at this.  Sarah recommended I add lemon to cut the ‘ugh’ taste, and I did add an apple hoping that would do that, but it didn’t.   Bill did get the glass of green juice down (thank goodness) and then I made him a nice size glass of carrot juice, beets, apple, so slice of lemon, and celery.  He wasn’t super thrilled about that either.  This could get frustrating … but, I keep telling Bill, too bad if it doesn’t ‘taste great’, it’s soooo good for you!    If you have any hints or recipes for healthy juice drinks, I’m def open.   I love you and thank you for ‘directing’ us to Dr Lorraine Day and for all your wonderful newsy nutritional tips and information on your “heallovebe”.   God bless you and Kenny!  Love you!   Auntie Jeannie & Uncle Bill

    • Aunt Jeannie,
      That’s great! I have a couple of juice recipes on my site here if you put in “juice” on the search bar or go to my “recipes” section you will find them. Smoothies are great, too, and sometimes those are more tasty for someone who’s new to drinking veggies. I have smoothie recipes on this site as well. This is my standby juice recipe that both Kenny and I like, so hopefully Uncle Bill will, too!

      1 cucumber
      2 stalks celery
      handful spinach or kale
      apple and/or pear (pears and red apples make it sweeter which would probably be a good place to start, green apples make it more tart)

      Once he gets used to that, you can add some lemon and ginger to make it even healthier!

    • I love it Aunt Jeannie!! You two are too funny. I’m working hard on blending more fruit and veggies also. Today is day 38 of me completely giving up alcohol and making blended veggie/fruit drinks daily! I make 3-4 lbs daily and my cholesterol dropped from 256 to 164 in less then 4 weeks! Also my blood pressure has been high (around 150/90) but it also dropped back down to normal!

      As for Jamie, how do I get in on that part about swapping massages with Kenny?

      • Haha! I’m sure Kenny would be happy to since he always wants to swap massages more than me! And that’s awesome Zack that you’ve made such great changes and you’re seeing amazing results! Woohoo!

  3. Eating the right foods like vegetables, fruits and more which give proper nutrients to our body needs. can help to balance our immune system and can reduce body problems.

  4. another great post. thanks for sharing and inspiring. i’m in a rut, not eating the way i should,not hydrating and not exercising….all things i SHOULD be doing during a pretty stressful time. instead i’ve let things get the better of me. this first thing i need to do is work on small changes, and my yoga mat is calling. so glad i found your blog today Jamie. Definitely subscribing. Keep up the good work.

  5. ps- another good smoothie for aunt jeannie and bill is a favorite at my friend’s natural food restaurant- they call it green bliss and i love them. kale, pineapple, banana- dash of oj and ice. he’ll never know it’s raw kale which is a powerhouse veg.:)

  6. I used to have chronic dandruff when using regular shampoos. I tried so called natural shampoos from my local health-food grocery store but it didn’t help. Then I started using a natural one from and I have not had problems with dandruff since. I love how soft my hair feels too.

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  8. Hi! I’ve had sinus problems for about 2 years now. I’m 33 and thought I needed an allergist to diagnose me. After many tests they concluded I was allergic to trees, weeds, mold etc. all environmental causes. After nose sprays and antihistamines weren’t cutting it I went to an acupuncturist who told me to lessen the dairy from my diet. How long after you eliminated dairy did you start noticing your sinuses healing?

    • Hi Judy,

      The same thing happened to me! I went to an allergist as a child and was diagnosed with lots of environmental allergies and no food allergies. However, they didn’t test me for food intolerances. And allergists don’t do the tests I finally got done (igg, ige, iga tests) – I had to go to a holistic functional medicine doctor. On these tests, I found out I was severely intolerant to dairy, allergic to shrimp, and mildly intolerant to eggs and sunflower seeds. I already knew about the dairy, but not the others! When I cut dairy out of my diet, it took about 2 weeks until I started to notice a difference and a month before I noticed a drastic difference. You will not regret it if you give it a try! So many people are dairy intolerant out there and don’t know it! Good luck, and let me know if you have any more questions.

      • Yes thank you!!! I will continue to steer clear of dairy and maybe even see a holistic dr to test me in case of other food allergens. 🙂

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