How to Stick with Your New Year’s Resolutions

new year

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Now that the holidays have past, have you been thinking about what you will do differently this year to make it your best year yet?  Since it’s supposed to take 21 days before doing something consistently becomes a habit, it makes sense to set monthly goals.  Is your life so busy you feel like you don’t have time to add anything new into it?  Don’t worry, I have a plan for you!  If you GIVE UP one thing each month that is negatively impacting your life and eating up your time, you will have time to ADD IN one thing each month that will positively impact your overall health, happiness, and success.  Here are a few ideas:


  • Give Up: 30 minutes of TV daily.
  • Add In: Meditating daily beginning with 10 minutes and gradually working up to 30 minutes.


  • Give Up: 30 minutes of internet browsing and social media at night.
  • Add In: 30 minutes of exercise after work.


  • Give Up: Checking email excessively.  Make a schedule and only check email 2x/day.
  • Add In: Making a salad before dinner every night.

Here are more ideas to choose from:


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At the beginning of each month, you can decide what is most important for you to “give up” and “add in.”  Keep going in this manner each month for the rest of the year, and see how your life has drastically changed by the end of the year!  

What will you “give up” and “add in” this new year to make your life healthier and happier?



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