The Bully on Your Yoga Mat


Pictured: Jamie in Tree Pose

Written by Jen Warner

It is no secret that yoga is an essential addition to your workout routine. Yoga is the answer to heart thumping, joint pounding cardio workouts. Yoga’s benefits stretch far beyond the mat and can help people reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even encourage other healthy choices.

Even with the well-documented health benefits of yoga, people are still hesitant to unroll that mat. Maybe there are some preconceived notions holding you back. Most likely, the main thing holding you back is YOU and that handy list of excuses.

  • I don’t have time for a class.
  • I should be doing cardio instead.
  • Yogis are weirdos.
  • I’ll look silly.

And the list goes on. Reality check – all of those are TERRIBLE reasons to not make yoga a regular part of your fitness routine.  I say that in love, from a place of “been there, used that excuse, might still believe some yogis are weirdos”. But it’s that last one that really makes me mad. You probably aren’t going to hit the mat the first time and be the best person in the room, but it just doesn’t matter.

Yoga is a practice. Your practice. And the person next to you? It’s their practice. So no one is in anyone else’s business in yoga, because they are all in their own practice. Stop being your own worst yoga bully!

Maybe you made the mistake I made and attempted some form of yoga first that wasn’t a good fit for you. I went out and bought a mat and a well-known TV celebrity trainer’s DVD of POWER YOGA! That was a mistake. It is not for beginner’s and is not true to the essence of yoga. There was nothing relaxing about it.

Then I decided that I didn’t have to do that video. I could attempt something different, more gentle, but no less authentic. And that is when I finally managed to kick that yoga bully off my mat.

There are many variations of yoga. Take time to learn about them and experiment with what type is best for you. And hey, the same type doesn’t have to be your favorite every day! Yoga should answer the needs you have at a given time so don’t be afraid to mix it up and try a different form.

What style of yoga is best for you?  Take a quiz to find out which of 17 different styles of yoga would suit you best here: Yoga Styles Quiz


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Jen Warner (Sarah’s sister and Jamie’s sister-in-law) is a wife and mother of two busy kids, working full time and chasing her dream of working for herself as a freelance writer.  She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English Education and Master’s Degree in Operations Management.  As far as health goes, she has completed two half-marathons, one 10K and several 5Ks.  She loves to write about the sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating side of being a real mom who is trying to get and stay healthy. Check out what she can write for you by visiting herFiverr gigs and looking her up on under JenLWarner.


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