Yoga – Why Moms Need It to Stay Sane

written by Jen Warner

Have you seen the preview yet for the movie “Bad Moms”? It looks hilarious – perhaps over the top, but belly laugh worthy nonetheless.  There is one point, however, in the middle of a lecture on nutritional health, where Mila leans over, hands on her knees, and just attempts to catch her breath. I watched the preview the first time without the sound, but that moment, that posture – I know exactly what Mila was portraying.

I once went to a lecture session over a lunch break about managing time as a working mom.  When the speaker started with “There are twelve steps to learning to manage your time as a working mother”, I mentally leaned over, hands on knees, and just gave up. Twelve steps? Forget it!

Being a mom is hard and stressful and exhausting. It is, of course, also wonderful. It is the ultimate balancing act of selfless giving while still finding time to keep yourself healthy. It’s the whole “put your own oxygen mask on first” thing. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of those around you.

There are plenty of opportunities in a day for a mom to make the less than best choice. It’s hard to find time to eat healthy food. It’s hard to find time to work out. How can you not stress out when you are juggling everything and if you look away for one minute the whole thing might come tumbling down?

Managing stress has become a popular topic in health news. The effects of stress on the body are becoming more well known. Reducing stress has become the third leg to the health stool – eat good for you food, move your body, reduce your stress. This is why yoga should be part of every mom’s (well, just every person’s!) toolbox for healthy living.

A yoga class can help you slow down the mental chatter that happens all day long. What am I making for dinner? Is that jersey clean for tonight’s game? When was the last time I dusted the house?

It can teach you to breathe through those moments when you want to scream, throw a spoon at your kid, or whip off a nasty email to that coach/teacher/other mother who hurt your little angel’s feelings.

It can relax muscles that stay perpetually clenched as you tackle your mile long to do list. And that moment you relax, breathe, and stretch you can find yourself again. The you that isn’t just a cook, housemaid, chauffeur, concierge, and architect of dreams.

Yoga can give you the mental quiet and clarity to get back up off the mat and give 110% to this whirlwind we call being a mom.

If you are a woman who gives your time and effort to kids in ANY capacity – Happy Mother’s Day!

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Jen Warner (Sarah’s sister and Jamie’s sister-in-law) is a wife and mother of two busy kids, working full time and chasing her dream of working for herself as a freelance writer.  She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English Education and Master’s Degree in Operations Management.  As far as health goes, she has completed two half-marathons, one 10K and several 5Ks.  She loves to write about the sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating side of being a real mom who is trying to get and stay healthy. Check out what she can write for you by visiting herFiverr gigs and looking her up on under JenLWarner.


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