Yoga Beginner’s Guide Intro Video #3: How Yoga Will Make You Feel


Thank you so much to everyone who watched and responded to our first two YBG Intro Videos!  Your nice comments have been so wonderful to hear, and it makes us even more excited to present to you our last YBG Intro Video. (Missed our first two videos? You can watch them here: YBG Intro Video #1 and here: YBG Intro Video #2).

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what’s covered in our last YBG Intro Video:

  • Brief recap of our first two YBG Intro Videos + my personal yoga story (0:01)
  • Constance and Lisa’s personal yoga transformations (1:27)  *Thank you Constance and Lisa for sharing your beautiful stories with us!
  • Top Questions about Yoga (4:09)
  • Benefits of Yoga and What This Really Means for You (5:23)
  • More Information on our YBG offer (6:38) *IMPORTANT: THE LAUNCH DATE HAS CHANGED FROM MAY 18th to MAY 25th.  We wanted to make sure your YBG is everything you could ever want and more, so we decided to take an extra week to do this.  Sorry for the delay, but I think you’ll be very happy with the outcome!
  • How to Contact us and a Special Signoff (7:23)

Thank you for watching. What did you think? We would love to hear from you! We welcome any and all comments. Do you have any concerns? Any specific questions? Please leave us a message below.

For more information on  our Yoga Beginner’s Guide, sign up to be a Soul Nectar Insider at our Wellness Store here: Yes, I want to be an SN Insider!


 ***Don’t want to be an Insider, but you’re interested in the YBG?  No problem.  There will be a SPECIAL OFFER you’ll want to make sure to take advantage of from May 25-29 at, so be sure to check it out!***


Yoga Beginner’s Guide Coming May 25, 2016!


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